Aggregated Metric Analysis Through Crypto and the Questions I Feel We should Ask.

With a model to where we decide to be cashless and where we accept both fiat and cryto or garden N.F.Ts we secure a cash to coin market. People can still trade in the trading pool but you may not be able to cash out 100% of your wallet in one season either. Its to ensure the garden market always has stable growth. In can swing percentages daily but nothing to the point it can’t be made up the following season. Using rainwater and other means (hopefully an infrastructure bill to create those white stoned [if we can develop a white charcoal pastes/concrete coating that can be sprayed] aquaducts constructed at gradients and utilizing what I was calling “diaphamic drainage” to allow for the “cattle circles” to have watering trophs) such as agricultural aquiducts that operate the same way as the theoretical cattle ones I have mentioned. We create more area for hormonal displacement and chemical poisoning, lessening their effect on their environment. Rain helps to clean the air and the more top soil water we have the less we need water from reservoirs and aquifers. Water conservation and national security go hand in hand and by helping this program we can save more while reducing that 40% waste with gradual changes. By asking our politicians to adjust the carbon offset credits to allow weighted values for water storing plants like gourds and melons, even if not eaten it will allow for at least some water to naturally be stored..while also scrubbing carbon. A gradual change won’t run people out of business but should promote more business, stability and price adjustments. We shouldn’t be able to buy 2 beers for the price of one bottle of water… really ever. When hamburger is subsidized 4 to 1 through corn, and heart disease is a leading killer we need to ask, maybe I should be spending a little more for fast food over something that grows out of the ground? Maybe we should ask, if its possible to have a healthy fast food place that’s also affordable and self sustaining through profit sharing to the garden project? When children out of almost every class has early onset diabetes, we need to ask.. why? When we have to pay more taxes for someone’s triple bypass because they used their food stamp card to only buy junkfood (since a grocery store is out of range) we should ask, why and where that money can be better spent? When we know education lowers crime rates and invest in building more prisons, over enriching children’s lives we should ask why? When prisoners are repeat offenders and can’t get a job regardless of being non-violent, we should ask why? When elderly people are put into geriatric prisons who siphon off their checks without them enjoying it, we should ask why? When elderly typically have more health problems when not regularly visited and they can live healthier longer lives without too much societal cost, we should ask why we don’t have this project? When we can’t even post some things about health to social media that we know to be almost certainly true as essentially utility companies take the side of political parties and agendas we should ask, why, aren’t we the commodity? When they record audio for targeted messages and hide it between a T.O.S. that can quite litterally take over 10 (or was it longer) hours to read, take up your memory (probably convert to text to que up for text find and match to people paying for direct marketing) we should ask why? Are these what ethical business practices look like? Are they even really needed? Has anyone in the history of the world even attempted? Why would they want people to be malnourished while eating and chemically poisoned? Does it make us easier to control? Are we trying to give away our National Security? and the most important questions can we forgive and can we correct the damage done?

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