Thoughts on Crypto for People with No Phone and Other Security Things. Zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

If we could get an exception to the prepaid card and isolate from direct trading (either coinbase can’t trade or buy. This being a “clean coin” or a crypto NOT used for concealment of identity or a means to share illegal content, ledgers and other dark stuff. Like I said we would have to control growth sort of like a nation. We take dark money just as long as its converted to the local fiat but where you buy the coin is better attributed to your location by crypto in order for metric data if we want to rotate gardens, projected forecast.. ect. Food stamps we will discount but people that need to use the market and do not have a smartphone should all be able to purchase coin into their verified account. All wallets need photo I.D. (its just how it works with crypto here for some reason but all major exchanges already require this and it will pay for itself). So they should be able to get a visa prepaid in order to purchase.. considering its only for food and the coin itself can actually either appreciate over time or the can exchange at a local pop-up market. Maybe when we expand to higher crime areas we loose some produce. I don’t really see people swiping carrots but it’ll happen but everyone knows that you can’t steal the coin without alerting to your location to authorities. So no one should be hurt but you might end up choking out the area if losses are too bad. Thats why the markets need to stage up and inwardly expand so experimental losses can be moved and adjusted, or the market moves to the other side for egress points that will support us… or if its terrible we will come back to you (it will drop produce prices almost everywhere if formulated perfectly without market and capital loss just through rotational markets that eventually connect to other hub garden markets). By converting to Garden Coins we essentially pay the “Gas” fee or the fee for transmission of the coin with the garden market capital (eventually). We would provide an additional percentage off just for using the coin. Since the charity arm is what causes the growth and essentially is working as a charitable contractor we should vote on a higher percentage which in turn will attract more investors, let’s us grow quicker and let’s us assist small and even larger farms. Its all a “growth ring” so pretty much the Amazon growth where the markets turn over so some people can make some residual cash. Since our coordinators would need a credit card swiper we’ll have to pay an additional amount (credit card processing fees) so a minimum purchase is required and there is only 1 entrance and exit (the stalls make a u) so we would only need a coordinator and maybe 2 volunteers. We recommend when markets turn over that you continue to buy and trade in Garden Coins and keep the coordinator we would continue to support the community as needed (new needs, and acting as a utility as well as selling produce for you that you would not otherwise have). Permitting us to take credit cards the coordinators can directly send you coin at the market..then you can just refill your card to buy more coin but also steady and planned among communities all over the Nation. People from all over the nation can buy and purchase a wallet and when we get to you it will be available in any market. We create smarter food with more nutrients while also doing all these good things, and considering the Fed take 20% just from printing and then the bill continues to loose value, ours wouldn’t because it grows nice and steady and is fueled both capitalistically and philanthropic. Just holding the coin when this is created it will go up and you should be able to store the coin on a USB drive if for some reason phone networks go out. We are still required to pay taxes on gains obviously but the nature of this coin means that governmental agencies could potentially get information on you. Unless we keep the major servers in a more financially lax country so be sure you pay your taxes and maybe not use it if on the run?? We would have internal logs and the coin is imprinted with an encrypted user .I.D that should be cross referenced through our database. It doesn’t really matter just as long as you have .I.D. (if your .I.D. has a barcode on the back and it matches) if we decide to go that far (but I’d like to hear some thoughts on it).

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