North Korea and Isolated Countries, Affirmitive Action and the Importance of Adapting the Educational System.

More vaccine talk I suppose but everything in this world is connected. We are currently having supply chain issues over a disease we will have to live with, until someone actually cures it. My question is why turn against unvaccinated and people with natural immunity? We will never, ever get this under control with a profalactic vaccine. Why? Because even with the current vaccine you can still catch and spread it. Yet the establishment seemed to blame it on the unvaccinated. I mean our taxes funded the gain of function research and they never inspected the security of the samples? So if the president can trick more people that were waiting to see, when he KNOWS that was against everything America stands for and would be struck down, why scare employers to force it? Are we vaccinating North Korea? Supposedly China imports 300,000 escaped women (most of whom are raped on the way) that are trying to escape, then sold as wives since so many males are unable to find wives due to the one child rule (we do as bad of things as this in this country, if not worse). So there will always be unvaccinated people coming here or people with the virus. We will never cut off trade with China. So can we agree its ridiculous to blame our fellow citizens for governmental malfeasance? Why are people so easily coerced in the “look over here” tactic that is continually used? That is why I would like people to stop watching the news and start listening to comedians who talk about the news. They can get away with parody laws with a whole lot more and I believe the do not sensationalize or poison our psychology quite as bad. I like Jimmy Doore, Joe Rogan, Tim Dillon is amazing. Everything else you are only hearing about 60% of the story. We need to look at real problems. We need to ask why the felt the need to rush a vaccine when death tolls world wide are pretty close to tuberculosis. We need to ask if obesity and heart disease kill more, why did they close churches and not McDonald’s. We need to ask why they considered allowing McDonald’s to take food stamps. We need to ask why some low income schools are closing on Friday, (they say to reduce Covid as we all know Fridays are the only day it transmissable jk) while the same areas more funded schools are not. Education is essential in lowering crime rates as well as attracting teachers that actually still care. When I was growing up in Oklahoma they estimated the nearly 1/3 of the population was functionally illiterate (this means they can read single words but not necessarily form them into coherent thoughts or sentences). Now it isn’t nearly as bad as it was. Why? Because it was embarrassing enough for them to start requiring a reading assessment in order to get a driver’s license. Kiddos had to be able to get adequate scores in order to drive. To me at least it seems to be working. I am just trying to illustrate why it’s important to read studies as well as for entertainment. It only takes one great book to change a child’s life. When I was a child I was a remedial reader (maybe a year late) everything else I developed quickly.. I just didn’t have an interest. When I finally began to understand and construct sentences I began reading Greek and Roman mythology..I for one reason or another ate it up.. I moved onto science fiction and various horror books and in 2 years I was either the strongest reader in my class or second strongest and could speed read and still get about 70% of the information after reading. Reading is the single most important thing that can be taught and a close 2nd would have to be mnemonics.. which for some strange reason we do not teach very much of (besides the alphabet song, or my very energetic mother.. for the order of planets). In low test score areas kiddos need to be taught mnnomic tricks such as creating memory hooks, rhymes and how to create visual stories that are representative of the subject matter. We also need to encourage more reading and pick more topics that would actually interest children. By 5th or 6th grade we should stop codling them and allow them to read on any subject matter they like regardless of how the language is or how adult a subject is. Parents could be upset at this but it won’t shield them from their peers (They can fill out an exemption form if they have a school library and have them read children books instead if that’s what you really want for your child). Just learning the socratic method and getting the hang of forming a hypothesis into a question is like a Jedi mind trick which has been extremely beneficial to me (mostly in my career). No matter how dangerous an area, if you work outwards in, and top to bottom it WILL reduce crime. Some of these children have such bad parents or life that they should be given the gift of immersive reading, as its their only escape..which will later turn into a real escape from poverty and crime.. and exactly why don’t we random drug test starting at 6th grade? We don’t have to test everyone but 2 kids randomly a month (in the same 40 person class) might be enough to deter a lot of substance use. These tests are not that expensive if its a random test, we can afford it. Drugs and addiction will never go away, humans have been using them since the dawn of civilization. There are alcoholic monkeys that storm resorts for left over booze. koala bears are high all the time as their major staple is poisonous but they can digest it for nutrition from eating their mothers fecal matter (they are not born with the ability to eat it). Cats love catnip which acts as a mild hallucinogen. All through nature we see both cognitive alteration and homosexual tendencies. Yet, its our responsibility to keep them sober until they are 18. Teen drug addiction and drug deaths are up as well as a shocking increase in teen suicides from the shutdowns. If we did all these things starting with food, we would still have bad areas.. just not nearly what they are now, especially if we changed the age to drive to 18 and required a high school diploma or GED, later on with a new generation. That I would say would actually be affirmative ACTION. The gardens program simply has to grow big enough to support business in these areas. Its almost like we are trying to keep people sick and suffering if you really think m about it. It relates to the Garden Project because we need smart volunteers, and people who are not afraid to ask tough questions..its how we make discoveries. We need debate. that is how you refine a hypothesis. Both are critical in science and scientific advancement of the species. Starting at low middle class and middle class is important for realistate and growth at first but then we must penetrate these markets and make an investment into ALL low income areas. It may deflate the dollar a bit having new competition eventually but it will increase our G.D.P. and maybe just maybe we can see children out exploring again which every adult born in the 80s or earlier took for granted..I am afraid we maybe raising a new generation of sociopaths with all the divisional lines and scaring them half to death. Remember when kids didn’t shoot up schools? I guess I was lucky enough to grow up in a time in which this didn’t happen. We need a retrograde in some ideologies and an advancement in others. I just hope it’s not to late to help.

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