Garden Thru

Seems like a silly idea but why doesn’t the organizational side also open for profit fast food as well? It would just be things like beef stew and would basically serve whatevery everyone’s favorites are using the after market produce and this as well gives us additional capital to build more gardens? That or we help supply chains get healthier ingredients in industry? That would require daily harvesting unfortunately but systems that grow as we learn, or it does can help manage rotation, data tables of soil deterioration and if the market goes well cooperate with larger farms in collaborating shipping and rotation for them if possible as well. It would be cheaper and helps us have a healthier market (like the fishing tags that revitalized the fishing industry in some regions) we reevaluate actual costs to the projected net value they are currently making and determine a medium as well as a fair trade value.. We’d all have less food spoilage eventually (at least 20-30% of food is spoiled in this country this program also helps to recoup that loss). It would be safer if we were to do something like that to give more profits to the charity arm. As the fast food entity can buy the excess garden market food. Obviously we would have to keep these limited as some vegetables loose a good amount of nutrition by the end of day 3, after harvest. We also wouldn’t want to effect current industries, but allow for a healthy menu. By offering these in more populated areas we could have a double kitchen. Where the charity side wouldn’t have to pay for space. I hope we can get some professional chefs to help out with staging meals. These locations would have staples but also have food with lean meats as well as vegetarian foods that taste just as good. We would have no added sodium other than the sodium thats natural in the food or spices used, we give salt packets and soy sauce though to allow people to choose how salty they want their food. Anything fried will be air fried. I myself make a mean stew, and I have a plan to make soups and stews portable without making a mess, and we should look at foil or paper containers only, as well as just making all the cups “sippy”, so no straws. We would keep the prices in line with other fast food restaurants and use them only when we have to by local vote as not to hurt existing businesses.

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