Where is Your Line in the Sand? More Depressing Facts and How We Might be able to Fix Them.

When they decided to fast track a vaccine they didn’t even hit previous emergency measure statistics (if I am remembering correctly, fact check on this one). We hadn’t even lost near 0.5%, and mysteriously we have had more covid deaths after the vaccine? https://hamodia.com/2021/10/06/more-americans-have-died-of-covid-in-2021-than-all-of-2020/

Is this common in countries that don’t use the vaccine? Do children shed the virus or not? Do they only act as a conduit for vectors? What is the long term effects? My point being with all of this is if Tuberculosis kills as many world wide, why didn’t the gates foundation focus on that with antibiotics instead of “curing polio”? If we see drugs and medications that have to do a 5 year double blind study, yet we still see massive class action lawsuits (which shouldn’t have to be a thing, each American should be able to sue for bodily harm, independent. Everyone’s lives could be impacted differently. But there are so many problems our court systems can’t handle it). They should at least do 7 year studies on medications and yet they don’t do (or release) double blind studies for vaccines). This maybe slightly a conspiracy theory but it would make sense if people vaccinated keep infecting and getting affected, are they doing a double blind now by following batch numbers and 1 or 2 out of a hundred people are getting saline? I doubt it but when it comes to children’s health people need to research and make their own medical decisions. Maybe in 5 years we should consider vaccinations of people under 22, or a more effective (proven safe) vaccine is developed and they actually do it transparently? If they hadn’t been as forceful about it more people probably would have gotten it.. Middle America freaks out over personal freedom, as they should. If they have stepped over every right we have besides the second amendment something feels wrong. If the Dr. in charge didn’t have large stakes in vaccine manufacturing, we should pay attention. Why did they say they will release the formula only after 55 years an average pattent for medicine expires in what 7 or 10 years, allowing for generic cheaper medicines.. why is this so different especially when we mostly funded it and are buying it with tax dollars? Why 55 years so it won’t be released under freedom of information act, until all participants are already dead [is it because they are afraid of being labeled mass murderers? Has any other vaccine needed 55 years for dissemination? There are sociopaths and unsurprisingly, leaders and powerful people have this mental disorder frequently (due to the fact a sociopath will do anything for themselves, sometimes even murder). We need to scream in the wind at them and enough voices they will reform a lot of what I am saying. Before colleges became arms of political parties and pharma didn’t start buying off college projects or offering more support than federal funding we probably would have cured several things since the 70’s (no pharmaceutical companies are concerned with curing anything, they only want to treat for larger capital gains). I don’t think a general cure even has been invented in the last 30 years? They have way too much lobbying power, and super pacts should be illegal. How in a super pact do we know when foreign contributions are made, can anyone please explain this to me? Another issue is campaign financing and the left over war chests.. they aren’t allowed to spend it so instead they can make other politicians of their own party dance for them. I don’t believe we should allow politicians to trade in the industry they regulate, we see what happens with lawyers who become judges. Judges can typically get more money from firms, especially when they tend to lean rulings for specific firms (this isn’t too common, I pray). In energy the same thing happens. For elected officials we should just pay them more out of taxes and not allow trading. There are plenty of people that would be happy with what people in congress make, and want real change. Yet we are a 2 party system that operates on contributors that back all of the political parties. We ruled that corporations are people, yet a person has a limit to what they can contribute to a campaign? Or did they change that in a closed session? The worst things that happen are probably decided during closed sessions (does anyone have metrics on this?). Whats fascinating is that I’ve heard but am not sure if this is correct but every location that these riots break out are supposedly around the federal reserve (a private central bank). Why? Supposedly because they enacted a land deal for 2 miles around these locations are tax free.. you heard me right tax free. So it might make sense for them to promote crime in certain locations and swoop in and buy all the land for private redevelopment. So the people that litterally make money out of thin air and charge 20% off the top also do not have to pay taxes for them and political pals to get massive discounts on land purchases). I believe it was Andrew Jackson that stated we should never allow a central bank (paraphrase). https://politicalvelcraft.org/2013/07/24/i-killed-the-bank-president-andrew-jackson/

Yet we allowed anyhow, even though the first crashed the economy.. we did it again.. its like Americans are incapable of remembering more than 10 years as a lot of this stuff has been happening since the dawn of civilization. I wonder if it was subsidies and an uncaring public that led to the fall of the Roman empire? I’ve been told a nation that lasts over 400 years with the same political structure is extremely rare (can we confirm this with a historian?). I don’t want to drivel on about problems but I do want people to start annaylizing the “opposition” and have flexible thinking. Corruption probably hasn’t gotten better or worse (besides super pacs, follow link below for a webster definition). Now they don’t even try to hide it, they just decree it and everyone says “oh well”.. its like walking out your front door and a cat is eating a pit bull and people just shrug, go on and try to forget it. Remember never forget, they don’t even have to ban books now.. they just shadow ban them and everyone assumes the net works (but I can get into why D.A.R.P.A and the government, would hand Russia a system designed to coordinate ICBMs and why the net was just for banks in the beginning). Reading my previous 3 articles (waiting for corrections) does any of this start lining out why we won’t get politicians to assist feeding people? To review what happens look at African agriculture after the Gates Foundation did there thing. The premise of garden coin is there is no “central” anything just a regional tag. Limiting the buying and selling of the coin per wallet allows for a semi-stable coin. Best of all any country in world could implement this model for food indepence and it would be pretty hard to stop it. They could ban the coin in certain countries (just like some coins are unpurchasable by the U.S. citizenry such as waves coin, or maybe Secret (SCT) Coin?). It just takes one rich person to do whats right in a country that will allow us to do it and we can at least get corruption out of the food supply. I don’t care about insider trading as much, or general corruption with these 8 rules. 1) medical industries shouldn’t even be allowed to lobby as basic needs shouldn’t need lobbyist if the medicines work. 2) Food needs severe reforming as does our soil (our soil only has about 10% of the minerals and nutrients they should from over farming. 3) you can’t sue independent farmers for gene manipulation that infected their crops.. its no longer your intellectual property unless it matches 100% genetically, that’s how patents work. People can invent things that already are patented if they find a way to get the same function or service in a different enough manner. Why was Monsanto allowed to sue over soy beans?) 4) all campaign financing should be crystal clear to the public that votes for them. 5) super pacs should be outlawed or corporations need to be treated like people since that’s what they want these industries are only allowed to donate at the same level we citizens currently have to abide by. 6) all basic needs should be considered a utility this includes water, food, medicine, electricity and the internet. 7) stop using voting machines or develop an at home measure for voting (like you have 3 pictures taken at the DMV one time and they use facial recognition via Webcam with enough resolution. You just move your head like you are shaking it to indicate no (so people aren’t able to fake it with pictures or models they would need iris information..seems for them to have so much information on you? If you use the internet they already have it maybe just not iris information but as cameras keep getting better they either already can or will soon). 8) we no longer need an electoral college we only had it for times when there were horses, can anyone explain why it benefits now? It seems to be a huge potential issue that people selected could be bribed yet their votes are more important than the actual population. Why? Its possible that the tax payers should just pay a small amount or a fraction of what private industry pays and the media outlets will give them free coverage anyhow (even though most likely half of news is just sensationalizing and leaving out certain facts) long as there is a little freedom of speech and our social media is classified as a utility that is unable to have political leanings and we have massive media reform a lot of problems could be solved with the general misinformation or altered facts of the media spews. We don’t need to start the election season one year after the current president is elected, its way too early. It burns people out on following what’s actually important and the general voter doesn’t seem to review their primary candidates voting history or presidential acts/metrics (an example of this is Obama, when he was supposedly anti-war he launched more drone strikes than any other president… killing men, women and children. Bush was worse in many ways for the country but the media still didn’t report on this too much once he was in office). So do we contine to trust blindly or do we DO something that can assist on reforming some of these issues by taking a portion of the market away from human hands and corruption by utilizing smart contracts? A good example of how corruption always happens where it can just review the Bible, they found among other issues that Eve wasn’t Adam’s first wife, his first wife was also molded from clay at the same time and did not like having to be subservient..Lilith purposely left the garden and supposedly married a demon (This makes the Bible more compatible with the theory of evolution as God needed a rib from Adam [how would you explain a segment of DNA thousands of years ago? It would also explain the 5 tribes of Adam or man as Adam and Eve have cain and able which maybe explains how Neanderthals were peaceful and mostly vegetarian, much like the offerings in which Cain offers fruit and vegetables which pleased God more. They say Neanderthals were more intelligent and most likely interbreeding let some of us be more intelligent. There issue was us, or Cain and we canabalized and inter bred until they were extinct.. weird to think about but it also is in line with the tree of knowledge [is man made advancement] killing man/Adam and God stating something to the effect of that if Adam or Man had never eaten from the tree the would live forever. It could mean that God knew we would develop to a point we could destroy our own world. Its strange to think about but its important to interpret the words of history multiple ways, as history is not a static thing. Sorry to be a bummer and point all this out but I am trying to appeal to the thinking man, and want people to consider all possibilities and draw a line now.. at what point does it take for people to care, for you personally to care? Taking away your rights.. nope censoring the internet.. nope. Campaign contributions…nope. killing people because of large capital financing (like obesity)..nope. locking children in cages or allowing soldiers and drug lords to abuse them…nope. I think it would almost take someone taking their smart phone privileges away before most would demand change..thats fine we don’t need the majority 5 or 10 percent of the population giving a **** would massively improve living conditions world wide and creating new stable markets that allow for open trading. Whereas the people who don’t care can still have a stable coin that continues to appreciate in value. Its a coin that pays its own “gas fees” and upon purchase a set amount is donated and “minted”. It takes care of a fundamental need and is uncorruptable (as long as we create it as a tree with transactional limits or develop it to be quantum resistant we could future proof it). It’s not illegal to own gardens in China, right? By allowing per wallet voting we vote for our neighborhood, City, regional and then possibly in the future continental we can make our food subsidy resistant. We would still have a lobbyist working in D.C. and probably have to make some deals here and there but if anyone’s support falls to below 38% or whatever metric the people decide they are immediately terminated. Each person in the organizational portion of the gardens project is held accountable and requires monthly or weekly reporting. It keeps big money from being able to manipulate the food market and takes power back to the people. It works as a counterbalance from us loosing every right bestowed upon us.

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