The Questions my Last Posts were Asking and Why it Sounds Political (it shouldn’t)

I want to help the elderly but thats not all I want to accomplish. Its a route we need to take as baby boomers are reaching retirement, we should have started at the onset of Crypto. The older or below few posts get into a lot of History. Some is probably fabricated as this is how everyone should view history and certain facts. Anyone can do a 100 person survey and just give percentages then only ask the Amish if electricity is good or not.. then the news media would say 99% of Americans Polled state electricity is bad.. the actual metrics of the studies are important. I don’t pretend to KNOW anything, I am just asking questions if these facts are true, and if they are would you want a means to fix them? The Gardens Project is a charity, its also a means of taking power back for basic human needs and adjusting costs in industry to reflect VALUE. A value that isn’t promissory or easily corrupted. It would be hard to stop and could improve both mental a physical health. To enable the Gardens Project and allow for reoccurring tax write offs for donated lands, we can correct a lot of things over time.. like corn subsidies. As stated I shouldn’t ever be able to buy 2 beers for the price of 1 water.. personally to me, its obvious that subsidies need to be reviewed and adjusted slowly over time.. it rewards cutting corners along with all the secret little protections that the average person doesn’t know about. I just ask regardless of political opinion you read as far as you can. If I am wrong TELL ME. I believe the Garden program will actually improve race relations instead of everyone sitting around complaining about racism it creates real substantial change, you ask how? If there was a gentleman who for instance was racist towards African Americans who lived in another state and was unable to care for his mother, seeing an African American give service hours to take care of her I do believe it would shape most peoples hearts and minds to revise what they thought due to learned doctrines. We would allow either party to be reassigned but ask why? It can never be because of how a person is born. No one should partake if you refuse to serve or be served by any race, religion, creed, gender, self identity, sexual orientation or personal beliefs. Political talk should be avoided in the charity. Do you not think we should take a bottom up approach to racism and racial theory considering most racism has to due with a persons need to be superior (most likely because they have a Napoleon-like Complex of inferiority). The notion of racism melts away when you spend enough time within a culture. Primary education and proper nutrition will go much further than only requiring a certain number of races in each college. Affirmitive action does not work well for enabling (let’s say) African Americans (as stated before) if your primary school is underfunded and terrible you have to work harder just to be average.. its a simple notion. When a community is degraded enough children drop out of school which this measure does nothing to know what does? Readjusting subsidies going to unisured people to get a triple bypass.What else helps? A parent not having to work 60 hours a week to pay for bad diets within walking distance when their food stamps run out..over time less and less people will have preconceived notions about anyone, as we never should when applied to an individual. When you look at a lot of racially motivated programs what do they do? The personally do not believe in a static mind and do not have a political party..I have ideals and things I think would benefit everyone. The ideas contained here shouldn’t feel to any reader that I am leaning politically anywhere, as I mostly ask questions. So if you see something wrong or offensive do your part so I can adjust the idea to be more palatable. Drag me through the Earth, I WANT to be WRONG. Unfortunately I think most of what is in the older/below posts might be wildly correct. If you want to fact check (this doesn’t work too well) and you have a VPN try duckduck or T.O.R. to prove these things wrong. Don’t blindly trust what I say challenge me. I am coming from a place of honesty and compassion, however I am never completely right.. no one is. We need to adopt this mentality when assessing our Great Nation, just like highways over time everything cracks and needs patching. We have ignored inequality, improper healthcare, wrongful bail outs, heavy handed subsidies, super pacs, political corruption, over taxation and deflation of the money in your wallet. If all Americans can’t agree we can do this without directly affecting industries negatively. If not harming businesses isn’t the case, I bet we can make it so. Nothing is theoretically impossible in a limitless universe (if multiverse although space itself is theoretically limitless both ways infinitely small as well as the potential for it to be infinitely large as it only take matter to exist for a void to become space) it just takes these three things to make this happen. 1) open mind 2) a desire to help or change. 3) those who have the passion to enact those measures for change. This includes donations and time, both are equally important. The coin aspect can become overvalued based off the notion it will only go up in value, thats why we cap by and sell rates. The expansion itself is what fuels the coin, so even all the things that might cause capital loss or sound too charitable are not. We can do all these things. Can you imagine what we could do with the infrastructure bill that was just passed? We could have perpetually fed everyone, junk food may go up in price but people will still eat it as a premium. It allows the poorest of us proper nutrition which lowers cost and the difference can be allocated to poorer schools… this is how you empower people. Less need for subsidizing poorer peoples Healthcare bills alone, the federal government (or us depending on the value of the coin) could improve schools massively. Opening markets on the edges of food deserts and more dangerous places (yeah they can get robbed but there probably will only be under $40 in change we have coordinators carry to make change.. Everyone else just uses the app and entering a preset pass code to access your device and another access code that is an emergency code spoofs the other persons transaction ledger for a period of 24 hours until clarification can be made via police reports, be warned if you do this multiple times to get out of paying someone through the terms of service your wallet will lock, repeated offenders after the lock is removed could potentially loose their rights to a wallet. Unfortunately for every coin market you need to upload a photo I.D.. We will help people get rides to the D.M.V if they do not have one as well as the phones are already subsidized so if your food stamp card doesn’t get you through the month, this will help you stretch it.. you only need a smart phone and it pays for itself [we may consider some financial aid but need to consider how we know who already has an I.D. and may try to abuse the program] and every wallet is tied to that to ensure fair voting. If you have a permanent lock, the charitable portion gets your coins. This allows us to grow into more and more unstable regions as the location locking can help law enforcement for areas where the markets are so even if they rob us they can’t spend it without serious technology. Once people understand we only have to worry about produce theft which I believe we can cover and correct if not we wait and come back. I am trying my best to show flexible thinking and try tackling real problems, but I am not a genius.. I am just a dreamer. To quote a villain from the James Bond Series “the only difference between insanity and genius, is measured only by results”. I need smart people to drag me through the Earth and course correct me. With cooperation we can leave this planet in better shape than we inherited it. Even if you are an atheist we all know that life boils down to memory. In your last moments on Earth capital gains aren’t that important, reflecting on the positive impacts you created is all we have. If there is an afterlife we can relish that at least we corrected the path of our children as memory is the only asset we may possess in the after life..the only thing we can take with us. I personally want to be at ease that at least I tried to convince people to help me do right by the world, that is a potentially sad statement to make.. I hope someone out there who has the capital and ability does this even for an eventual profit just as long as the integrity of the garden market is never compromised and everything can be voted on (although some votes might be limited for change the following season).

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