So Many Words…The Organization and Discretionary Funds. More on Finances and Limiting Corruption.

There will be instances where organizational representatives will most likely need to make campaign contributions, bribe foreign leaders or warlords, if its voted to expand to willing nations and adjust market prices. A small percentage (under 4% or what is voted on) to be a discretionary fund that does not go back to the “coin pool”, but that is in an independent account. This will convert to fiat currency and be used for “closed door dealings”. A certain amount of trust has to be allocated for these things, unfortunately its just how the world works. We vote in essence with both wallets, we vote nationally with what we buy and who we support. We also can vote independently of federal support on our own food supply. Its a free country and I’m not in it to hurt industry or people. We don’t need to. There is plenty of resources for everyone on the planet. The planet will support us as long as it can but regardless of you believe in climate change or not chemical contamination is definitely undisputable. We’ve seen such dramatic change over the last 120 as a species it should bother everyone. When do we start cleaning it up? When our daughters start menstruating at 5? When males no longer can grow facial hair? What is the metric we use to guide the future? Where is that line drawn? We will just keep getting lazier and more complacent the more we are chemically poisoned. Do isolated communities have an issue with early onset dementia too? Just driving in this city drives me crazy, I see all these empty yards and see waisted potential. I notice no children playing hardly. I notice the wild price differences for poor communities and what they buy because there isn’t a grocery store. I see untapped potential in poorly educated areas. I see people who seem to have lost their spark and childlike curiosity. I see children and young adults becoming devoid of character and socially enept. I see a mental health crisis the media doesn’t want to talk about.. In my lifetime, (so 38 years) an amazing amount of things have taken place.. too many things. There are things in this world that would blow your mind. There are discoveries still to be made. There are improvements we can make now. The ultra wealthy need to consider us, they need to consider their legacy and children. They need to consider their personal safety and the mental state of those around them. Any of the billionaires if things keep getting worse, can be dragged out of their homes with as little as 80 or 100 people, they should be concerned of a boiling over.. they should be concerned with unjust actions. They should be concerned that the witless masses the preside over will one day wake up.. I’m not for wealth redistribution but its clear from recent events, when people have too much money, they have too much power. There isn’t such a thing as trickle down economics, (yet) as the people with real wealth tend to import everything. Do they ask when its enough, or too much? I don’t see how a person with a conscience could even hope to have some of these figures. Everyone should read this Elon Musk has an above ground personal wealth (trust me everyone on that list has dark pools and differing offshore accounts or leveraged crypto coin. They don’t have to really pay taxes, and their wealth will accumulate just sitting there) has over 300 billion dollars. His company is way way overvalued for batteries and some space travel, at least compared to what we are trying to accomplish. The issue is doing it in a way we DON’T crush industries. Its of utmost importance for this to work that communities can trust our market. That we can and will act ethically and in grey areas we choose what benefits the species, not the individual. Elon is at 300,000,000,000… thats enough to make every American a millionaire (which would be absolutely terrible in the long run, but sounds nice to hear), but with that capital or way way under 1/4 or 1/8… (even less) we could perpetually do everything I discuss further down the in the blog, as well as feed everyone healthy food…easily. Bill Gates could singlehandedly do this as well or anyone with a few million to start. Like I stated the first partners I can work with on a project team should openly be rewarded with weighted coin or an ICO. The coin donation should be rewarded as an additional 20% to get this ball rolling, but I want to hear from the public. We need a good amount of coin financing (at first) to start our market cap and develop the coin. We also need about a year of location hunting, testing and gathering metrics for the core project. The core project is changeable, but working with industries and economists is needed to have a good framework. The public cannot vote on measures that put the market in red (or the charity spends more than the coin and donations made that season). The public will be notified of potential costs and forecasting. We will look and review for any measure proposed with the votes, but the project fails if we try to do too much too soon. So that list of the top 8 have a combined wealth that is staggering and we only need one of them to have a conscious and not try to take this idea about wealth and pollute it for personal gain. I’m very clear about where they should expect gains and its through a separate market backed off of crypto plus the additional 20% of initial investment as well as the coin continuing to rise. 20% seems pretty high though I’d like to keep it to better expected gains but they are whales and can manipulate markets independently by investing in competing or closely related stocks or coin, then buying and selling a lot of what they plan to crash and also buy a bunch of stock to where its going. This way they can sit there and just eat up the little fish as we swim straight into their mouths. Financial reform, and actual philanthropy needs to start happening soon. I don’t want the American ideal lost that if you work hard you will be rewarded, yet likewise wealth shouldn’t come from nothing while they don’t really even have to pay taxes seems wrong. I don’t think they should make a billionaires tax they should just treat them like everyone else and close the existing tax loops that the wealthy can abuse. It makes sense to tax at a higher rate in some regards, as we have to pay in tax brackets. 12% of $300,000,000,000 is a whole lot different than taking 20% from someone who makes $80k annually. He wouldn’t even feel having to pay 12% on his interest accrual and his salary..It might be why we should consider a flat purchase tax, no year end I.R.S. tax form B.S. they just calculate what percentage increase would be needed in percentage to equal what we are paying now. So when people buy something they all pay their share at the same ratio as more expensive things generate more currency. For the extremely wealthy no tax loops for us not having to do year end taxes. Everyone buys things but for a large portion of existing wealth they should decide how to “burn” it, or creating projects that benefit industry without treating the lives of people like a far away thing from them and their “game”. The government should not just take ithell companies, offshore accounts, charities paying charities to try and hide a PR machine, all sorts of wild stuff. I may consider not even taking fiat unless its backed up by gold or something if things continue to progress like this, they have fun with their worthless capital. Their “**** tickets backed up by a promise from our government, because if there is something you can trust.. its a politician. Yet it holds value backed by nothing.. why? Because we have faith in the market, we have faith in ourselves to create. It just so happens that the printing deal is terrible and I am pretty sure the Fed has plenty enough money to drop that rate.. whoever thought 20% of all wealth in the United States to print bills in exchange for bonds is a ******* moron. I think about the suffering foreign and domestic and look at these figures and feel sick. It is gross and disturbing and they play it like a game you never win. They have so much money they have to make plans to go to Mars (which I agree with but it should have been done or be done with international cooperation) whoever lands on the thing with humans first technically owns the whole thing (unless they revised how unsettled lands or discoveries typically go to the first to settle). It’s too much just to sit there and too much to spend without hurting the economy. The richest person in history hailed from Africa if I remember this story correctly. He had so much wealth it shadows over the richest people today. He decided to go on a pilgrimage and every location they arrived at he purchased goods. Silk spices all manner of things and just paid way way too much for everything giving out diamonds and whatnot for basic services.. he collapsed every economy he came in contact with, people didn’t have to work and their own fiat currency deflated terribly. It was a mess all around supposedly that hurt the regions by injecting way too much capital at once. The same principle is monopolized by De Beers Group who mines diamonds (not sure why they are allowed to operate here under anti-monopoly legislation but I digress). Diamonds in reality are not very precious there’s a whole lot of coal out fact they say diamonds are about as prevalent as cubic cubic zirconia but they mine diamonds and buy the largest diamonds just to sit on them. They created a false market with the hardest natural substance which seems kind of wrong considering how useful they can be. So if you have invested in diamonds at any point they can flood and crash the diamond market, thats why we allow it (I assume). So no maybe we don’t want Elon and Jeff or Bill to give out half their money.. but there are things they CAN do.. like supplementing poorer working families or THIS PROJECT. With any single billionare out of the thousands worldwide there are, someone WILL develop this somewhere and I personally don’t want to see it controlled in anyway by any individual. A continental project coordinator would be like a president of sorts, just without term limits. If satisfaction drops he’s/she’s out according to the basic charter, we will not let this pool go dirty.. we will take filthy money though… in the form of calculated coin investments, with purchase limits. All money is inherently filthy anyhow, but by limiting a persons buying power we also create stability that can carry our descendants into the future. Cleaning the air and feeding the people is the core mission. Making our nation more secure with supply chain issues or foreign powers is just a nice side effect.

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