What are the Diaper Faces for Again?

I saw a person driving a truck with a cheap disposable mask on with his windows rolled up. They already have expressed only N95’s are effective and the virus is still transferable through the mask. Its doing wonders against other things like the flu possibly. But if your afraid of the stuff we funded that leaked from a site that is supposed to be as secure as the pentagon, get an N95 or concrete mask. If you want to be polite and wear a cloth one because you have the flu, then by all means. What confuses me about the man in the truck was his cars air filtration works better than a cloth mask, why was he making himself uncomfortable wearing it in a truck and not even the right type? Because they scared the **** out of people for almost no reason. Like previously stated tuberculosis kills around the same amount, they say deaths are under reported for the virus..yet hospitals get additional funding for anyone that test positive regardless of how they died. Broke your leg then got Covid in the hospital? You are a case for covid hospitalization. The commercials state that we have 3 times more children being hospitalized than the previous year… but its your lucky day! You can get your 12 year old who barely if they even do shed the virus and mortality rates are 0.0% to 0.3%, there’s never been a double blind study performed like with pharmaceuticals and no known computer can build models that can calculate future risks. I am NOT anti-vaccine I am Vaccine Cognizant. ..They didn’t include mortality or the number of children the FDA put out… seems most people don’t realize that the FDA recommended everyone to get the inoculation AGAINST manufacturer’s recommendations, they are supposed to be doing dry pulls (it stating that the inoculation HAS to be administered to the muscles and that they should poke and then draw back to check to see if they hit a vein) the vaccines have to be administered to muscles (I’m assuming) because they are either ineffective if shot in a vein or chemically hazardous and needs a slower release…yet we watched the president get an improper vaccine? What was the reason to go against the typical practice of a dry pull? “It hurts too much” they’d rather risk Miocarditist in children then to make the shot hurt.. why?? Well im just theorizing its because they already knew that people may have to get as many as 4 shots a year. People wonder why P.H.D’s make up the largest portion of unvaccinated why? I’m guessing its because they “read too much”. Silenced on all major platforms and Joe Rogan ate horsepaste. This happened to Joe even though “iberectum” (seriously look at your phones auto suggest when you try to put the drugs name in mine litterally had that as the only recommendation) even though it’s been taken by millions and the creators won the Noble Prize for it and one of the scientists came out against someone’s narrative and silenced. In science sometimes debate is needed for proper understanding, yet we see none. Natural immunity provides 13 times (estimated) the protection of the poke since the poke only works on one of 3 parts of the virus, immunoresponse is far superior as your body learns to kill all parts of the virus. The new variants should all be more transmissable but less dangerous. Unless specifically engineered (or we have new lab leaks) the virus should be adapting to harm its host less, it provides the virus a longer window of survival and allows our immune system to stage up. The person who discovered omnicron observed this strain seemed mild in comparison…So I’ll ask a forbidden question, how long do we wait for a much weaker more transferable virus and start exposing ourselves and our children to it? We don’t know how long the antibodies from natural immunity or the vaccine last but 3 to 4 shots a year could potentially have more consequences than a mild strain exposure before a certain age. If over 70 your chances of catching it go up an estimated 4,000% (can anyone independently confirm this?) but one thing is for sure, a proferlactic horse paste seems to reduce exposure in third world countries or some unknown variant but its extremely cheap (possibly weather change). Most people may remember Chantix, it only has a very small percentage of effectiveness over wellbutrin to stop smoking (trying to remember the exact figure but I want to say 4% to 8% over placebo compared to wellbutrin which they essentially just modified.. wellbutrin is off patent so people who didn’t do their research payed something ridiculous (just estimating it had to be over 1,000%) for a “new” drug… so has anyone seen the class action that popped up against Chantix? These people would have been better off taking wellbutrin as its been out for a long long time. They had to litterally change the definition of vaccine to include profalactics as a vaccine… If he was vaccinated would we have still have wished Joe Rogan dead for recommending vitamin D on the onset and pretty much being right at every turn? Or maybe we should ask why these heads of regulatory agencies hold stock in the companies they are regulating? Why the world’s second richest man pretty much even silenced China on releasing the formula and ruining his intellectual property that was created using a good chunk of our tax money? Questions shouldn’t hurt people in a free society..So let’s review a little history. The U.S. did human testing for birth control in Puerto Rico, without telling them no human trials had been completed they just acted like it was a finished drug. In addition, some wild stuff with Dr’s being used as spies and the (polio?) vaccine. They are unable to provide any double blind study information for ANY of the vaccines.. Robert Kennedy Jr and others sued the F.D.A for not conforming to the freedom of information act and after a year, he reports that they said there were in fact no studies.. which may or may not be true (they most likely have plenty of data on some of this but I am thinking certain people could potentially get in trouble for misreporting statistics). I hope someone just purgered themselves, because not completing the same trials of any marketable drug even after the fact seems wildly irresponsible and we should ask what are taxes are going to.. (besides supposed nazi experiments on animals, measuring pain in gorillas or having the face eaten of beagles[can anyone explain what they were looking at? The weaponization of carnivorous flies? Yeah let’s make those too but insecticide resistant to everything but Monsanto Face eating fly killer jk]). So the track record isn’t to great, and reporting the effects of these things are wildly under-reported. So correct where I am wrong, please. If you don’t think things are repressed try to find a copy of the E.U study that linked early onset dementia to as little as 30 lifetime doses of benzodiapines like xanax. Has anyone considered the patriot act? Has anyone asked why we didn’t have enough proper equipment, when we have an entire organization devoted to Biological Warfare? Isn’t that what they were supposed to do instead of allowing a loop for a specific entities finances? Has anyone asked why we kept departments separated until 9/11? Or how we responded because of WMD’s? Maybe I am a nut but when you really list it out completely (this is barely anything) it kind of tends to make people lean a specific way. Its really simple we stop rewarding ******* because they listen. Its up to the citizens to call B.S. or receive course correction, never assume anyone is going to prioritize you over profits… kids are (most likely in opinion) for $6k.. so I guess that’s the value of human life at the moment. I want that last one to stick to you. All of this is fixable and we don’t need to play the blame game, just work on getting better.

The modern world keeps people to busy to even think sometimes it seems.. why do we have to do our taxes when we have systems that could calculate it out correctly and it be automatically deducted? Is it because they want to leave loopholes for wealthier people and themselves while the average Joe pays taxes for things that wasn’t even communicated properly to the general public? I still have faith in the good in man, so it can be hard to believe some peoples short sightedness, but people are waking up. I hope that if you have a specific risk you do your research and talk with your dr. about whats right for you.

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