Subsidies..Why they Need to be Monitored, Separations by Media and the Issues of Race Theory and Classifications.

The previous post wasn’t meant to have political connotations its just to demonstrate the problem with some subsidies. I’ve gone through all this about 5 times and wrote an allegory children’s story just to try to explain industry. My point being if I can buy 2 beers for 1 water, there’s a problem. If I can buy a hamburger over fresh produce…there’s a problem. If the only stores that open in food deserts and low income areas are convenience stores with higher prices than anywhere else in the city…theres a problem. If we give some of the largest contracts to industries that have proven themselves recently irresponsible…thats a problem. When our regulatory agencies receive 40% of their funding from the industry they are regulating…we have a problem. If officials can Purchase Stocks based off their decisions on bills or in some cases just straight up bypass the constitution…we have a problem. If the majority of welfare recipients are paying more for unhealthy food and in turn we pay more taxes for medical costs…we have a problem. When a whale can charitably donate to their own companies and spends a huge amount of their budget meant to help people on PR, then push certain stocks and restrict poorer nations from the intellectual property that was subsidized heavily by our taxes…we have a problem. If we can classify a level 4 lab and then provide the majority of budgeting and never check the facility…we have a problem. When people cannot point out scientific knowledge without being shadow banned by pressure from the industries…we have a problem. When we use internet from companies when it should be classified as a utility (everything runs on it now)…we have a problem. When people get all stirred up without looking for themselves (too many examples but look at media response to Russia gate)…we have a problem. When the media sensationalizes everything for ratings, doesn’t sprinkle in good news and scares parents into not allowing their children to explore…we have a problem. When they keep us so busy and only utilize voting technology at stations that can be manipulated in person or through wi-fi, instead of analyzing the need for the electoral college…we have a problem. When we choose to give up bodily freedoms for something that hasn’t had a double blind and apparently has had more reported injuries than all other medicines of the same class..we may have a problem only time will tell. When we invade a country for heroin and lithium Ion then give the lithium to a competing country and in the process leave around 10k people and billions in equipment…we may have a problem. When obesity kills more than them forcing something on people when it goes against their belief system and tuberculosis has around the same death rate world wide.. we have a problem. When children are sold on open markets (some people believe for as low as $6k, which is down 100% from 10 years ago…we have a problem). When we separate children from their family and hold them in cages with terrible conditions…we may have a problem. I can litterally list these all day but I don’t want to… I want it to be American history not future state. Our forefathers worked very hard to draft a great framework for most of us (its theorized a lot of them wanted to end slavery in that time period but couldn’t yet because of the need for agriculture during the revolution. They say slavery would have ended without a civil war eventually due to outsourcing, its much cheaper to not have to pay for basic human necessities in poorer nations.. out of sight, out of mind.. I suppose. [that’s why they included ALL men are created equal]) and we need to think about what we actually NEED not what we WANT. Its a simple re-analysis of the world around us, do not take peoples word….especially where large money is invested in heavily by some of the most powerful people in the world. Neither side Democrats or Republicans are right. Its impossible to be completely ardent on either of these imalgated ideals as a rational person only thinks in terms of risk verses reward and what’s worked in the past…like logistical infrastructure bills. Any time we are allowing these crazy open ended subsidies we get things like a dustbowl. When the government gets into an industry it seems to mess up things. An instance of the previous statement allowed cows to graze public lands around dam sites. The measure ruined the manure industry because they didn’t have the insight to charge what the competing market was and sold manure at cost. Markets will adapt to these premises that you can adjust the pricing and people will still buy junk food, it shouldn’t even effect grocery stores with industry wide cooperation..we can have our cake and eat it too. The hyper rail for instance could generate revenue for schools in every state and would create a large large number of jobs while only taking 8 terminals and midpoint stations from the airline industry (thats already incredibly subsidized), and we get the additional nutritional benefits, faster travel and will spur industry. Imagine taking a few hours to go from California to New York for the weekend and what that could mean for the market. These things are very costly yes, but we just passed a 3 trillion (over time the initial figure is 1 trillion something) spending bill which originally included free college tuition for illegal immigrants that are granted asylum.. I’m all for helping people but I didn’t get 30k or so for college and I’ve paid taxes, does this not seem crazy to you? Our priorities somehow got incredibly warped over time, (or maybe not really just there wasn’t an internet and politicians seemed to be much smarter at hiding their dirt) but I do have faith we aren’t lost. There are great and wonderful things to discover if we just don’t stop looking. If we ask will this help or hurt eventually? Who could I hurt with my industry and how can I minimize damages and still be as profitable as before? Why do we still have an electoral college that was created because people had to travel on horseback? Doesn’t it cause election issues that a district representative, (in the electoral college) could be bribed all sorts of ways and no one really investigates? What happened to cooperation with China on space travel? Why do people complain about pipelines (yes directional drilling may hurt some moles but the alternative kills more) when its the safest, cleanest, most energy efficient means to supply fundamentally essential commodities? Why are people ok with fuels being shipped with semi-trucks that both poison the air and leak more fuel? Why did people complain about bladders of water going to China but is fine if its shipped in tiny plastic bottles that are choking our oceans? Why do we need more than 20 megaton nuclear bombs when essentially everyone would probably just try to E.M.P everything since they cost less than a car (I think, I remember hearing the warhead for taking out a large swath was around $5k). The whole reason for war is threats or funding. They always want the materials which these bombs ruin the mining or resources for 20,000 years? That doesn’t seem excessive that we are burying this stuff in a barrel that may last 5,000 (conservative estimate, I believe) when the waste is radioactive for 4 times that? Sure we bury it in salt flats then put up signs with pictures and several languages but no one thought to ask “how long are these signs going to last?”. I’m just challenging people to look for the good things in the world and dream of the problems we could fix. Think of the geniuses inventions we missed out on because they were born in a third world nation. People are starving and iis theorized if engineered correctly we could feed the entire world’s population on a land mass the size of Manhattan. We waste an amazing amount of food.. this lowers the water tables as the refuse goes to land fills, which are lined with concrete. Heck we are so far off the natural path we flush our poop to the oceans and lakes, we put out more hazardous gas than trying to actually clean the air (in my opinion the whole green movement was pretty much taken over by industry as I review deeds not words) with carbon offset credits of smarter plants that both can help top soil moisture in later seasons and grow food. Then when we die in most if not all states you can’t even be planted under a tree without being encased in concrete…you have to pay to properly die? I made a joke that we should create giant engines that intake oxygen and compress it and releases the carbon dioxide, then sell people air…then 2 months past and they made the opposite. Something that takes carbon out of the air (I’m not sure if all carbon or just monoxide?) When carbon dioxide is needed for plants it could theoretically hurt plants that are located around these things unless clearly monitored..and why are we needing these when nature gives us a perfect filtration system (developed over millions of years) plants. Do we bury the filters? How much do these cost? Is there other things that could help more for cheaper that improves dietary health and the economy, I believe its possible. I choose to believe there are still dreamers out there. I choose to believe that the vast majority of people when raised correctly will be good people. I choose to believe we aren’t dumber than average gorillas and be able to pivot the war machine into bettering our lives and the lives of every nation. I choose to believe a dollar is just a promissory note we pay an independent central bank 20% just to print paper. I choose to believe that true value is derived from the faith of the people, and listing this I’ll ask you, how much faith can we have in our government to preserve our fiat currency? We made it illegal to own blue notes or silver redeemable bills or gold. Its also illegal to make your own currency which is strange when you think about how bitcoin started..It was a random white paper left on experts desk written under a synonym… jeeze I wonder why it’s legal and who made it? Surely not D.A.R.P.A in cooperation with the big “C”? Maybe maybe not.. regardless it was a nice back door for enacting quantum computing and computer learning to bypass A.I sniffing out financial crimes. That last one was a “conspiracy theory” still its worth thinking about. I have faith in you as a person and all the people who are morally conflicted in their industries to think of cost saving ways to free up capital and reinvest it into safer, healthier products…the market is there. I believe all the people forced into making irresponsible decisions challenge that thinking. I choose to believe people will stop rubber necking and consider for a period to get their news from comedians/podcasts as they can tell the truth and get away with it typically under current laws (think about how Hannibal Buress got Cosby caught..just telling jokes), the news is psychological poisoning (in my opinion, and its helped to degrade society at an alarming rate). I chose to believe that we realize we can notice differences and celebrate those and as long as we don’t teach our kids about race theory until they are in college while also empowering all poorer citizens with gardens and healthy food.. racism will fade (like it did with the Irish although they had the benefit of only needing a couple hundred years in America as second class citizens and could blend in easier than most other peoples). We should teach our kids about slavery but also explain that almost all people have both owned and sold slaves, the things the government did to stifle the movement and instead of ingratiating our youth with this us an them mentality and think about how to actually empower people I choose to believe the vast majority of racism will eventually subside. Children should be taught the hypothesis that all humans theoretically came from Africa and that the African People are every other race’s original color. We should teach them that fundamentally we have very minor differences, mostly cultural. That people do not need not to be judged by the debts of their fathers, but we can work towards real solutions. Solutions that can both lift up and empower poorer communities but also reward those who have demonstrated good and neighborly acts.. I can’t pretend to know how it is to be judged by your skin (I am a mutt but appear as mostly a white Irish guy) but this is a media problem that isn’t helping. I’m treading carefully here so hear me out, I am just trying to learn.. why did certain communities get so mad over the verdict with the white kid defending himself against 3 white criminals? Well the media repeated over and over he crossed state line (his house is approximately 1 mile from the state line). When you view the unedited drone photographs its pretty clear he was just trying to detour people from rolling flaming barrels into gas stations. 99% of protesters are peaceful but when you have 100 people in a room, do you ignore the one guy setting the drapes on fire? No, I don’t think you would. Regardless of what the kids personal beliefs are right or wrong the law is the law and it was clear he didn’t intend on murder. Its an example of subtle racism perpetuation, if the gunner was say Africa American would we have reacted this way? I’m guessing probably not, that is a divisional line just like African American men are disproportionately locked up. African Americans at one point were almost 70% of our army (need a fact check on that one) yet we can give free tuition to foreigners that haven’t payed taxes in a trillion dollar bill? It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense does it? They want us divided, its way more profitable for a few industries (especially media) we should all recognize that things that happened in the past can reverberate for hundreds of years (they say unless this recently changed, that the South still hasn’t recovered from the sanctions and capital loss from the Civil war) and think of real world solutions that could work over time…thats what I believe the garden program backed by crypto can do over time, but other things need to happen as well. As a unified people we need to send them a message, that humanity is not lost. That its easy to love anyone regardless of their genetic background. That feeding everyone healthier foods will improve mental states. That by backing the gardens through crypto (and the existing phone subsidies) we can open markets in more dangerous areas since we would have very low capital if any on hand. That if people could get reoccurring tax write offs for donating a portion of their yard and allowing us to harvest (in some areas) you receive an estimated value generated by square foot. I believe we can put these poisons away and restore peoples faith in people.. it only takes a few people to create real and lasting change. How bad do you want change? Bad enough to spend an hour a week to check on one neighbor twice or 2 hours a week for 3 houses? Would this also expose racist people to other races, (obviously) and I think peoples gratitude will outweigh their selfishness. I believe just from service and chatting they can get a discount but also some great anecdotes and knowledge from elders regardless of community. I AM not saying that concessions should not be awarded to people but we need to be thoughtful about where it goes and where it comes from.. what good is affirmitive action for colleges when communities basic schooling is so bad that they would have to self study and read on their own time to be able to succeed and test well in college? Couldn’t we first make sure everyone is fed, help create new networks of people that usually wouldn’t interact, and from healthcare cost savings alone make sure that even the poorest schools have an equal advantage? Does that not make sense? If not please correct me, what do these divisional organizations do for us? No one is working hardly at the moment, so what is anyone doing to improve this planet for our children? You?

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