More Things Unrelated to the Gardens Project…Energy and Dumb Personal Views on Medicine.

As stated before if we can’t use geothermal we should look into offshore Current/Tidal Energy Harvesting. There was an article from the Smithsonian about a team creating one such platform 2 years ago…Does anyone know if it was successful or what the output was? There are vertices we could use by facing them all in an array facing the opposite direction of the current and possibly put these things on floats where the top sections of the platform can be lifted by buoyancy. Each platfform along with a network that runs along the coasts could power a large swath of people close to the coast. You would just need buried cable connecting each platform, with a serious cable running back to the mainland. With clean coal we would be pretty energy dependant for a long while. My issue with solar is they need to stage fake mirrors or get a drone condor (China and I think the U.S. already make these and they are so realistic other birds will follow them). 2 or 3 of these “drone bird” things could protect endangered birds from bursting into flames. There is another problem with solar that (I am not sure if they have figured this out yet or not?) the panels are non-recyclable so when they live out their lives (25 or 30 years?) they end up in landfills or people with dead panels they never take down from their roof. Windmills kill things as well and take around 2 weeks to make up for the energy to start momentum. When there’s no wind they use energy to keep them spinning (correct me if I am wrong). Geo-thermal is great if we could drill down that far.. the core of the Earth is actually hotter than the surface of the Sun believe it or not. I talk about things unrelated to gardens, but not totally unrelated necessarily. Adjusting current subsidies to new subsidies for downhole or drilling companies to create these platforms and just reduce your costs and share the discount. You do not need a new market share and mostly we would just use existing decommissioned platforms in the gulf and further east. So reducing the price of electricity we can adjust the price of water to be a little more, this creates incentive. Its pretty dumb of me to recommend something that may potentially cost more to the gardens programs but we need to look at the map and understand where we need these adjustments like California. A comprehensive subsidy reform and slow change is needed over a 10 year period (in the future maybe subsidies should only last 2 or 3 years? If an industry cannot survive on its own after that period they can potition for an emergency extension. Its sort of like the vaccine acts in the 80’s where vaccine manufacturers are exempt from paying damages regardless of how grossly negligent they were.. they could theoretically put comet cleaner in it and only 1 out of 100 people survive and we would be lucky if criminal charges are even pressed, yet no one knows why they did this unless you listen to Robert Kennedy Jr. They did the forementioned because insurance companies dug into risks and would NOT cover them so the pharma complex threatened to cease all manufacturing of vaccines (I guess one of the top 3 or 4 industries can’t keep the lights on, that tends to happen when you fly doctors to luxurious resorts and lie about the addictive nature of your drug which in turn basically caused the opiod crisis…killing millions more than would be the case without bribing and lying to doctors..then we punish them with a slap on the wrist in terms of fines.. invade Afghanistan for lithium ion and poppie plants, randomly withdraw leaving people and billions in equipment because they couldn’t properly stage the carriers and personnel..then give the most lucrative vaccination contract to the same company… which subsidizes the F.D.A. and who is also heavily invested in by certain officials… seems on the up and up).

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