Large Solar Arrays Geothermal and Sea Power.

Could be a good thing for supplementing power in the desert. Using mirrors you would make a death beam that Flys anywhere near it but its a simple fix by using mirrors staged out that have a gradual tint birds would get hotter the further they flew towards the center warning them to change course..instead of bursting into flames. Not quite sure if they are smart enough but crows are one of the smartest species. It all boils down to how much use can you get off each panel? Using Geo thermal is optimal, but there are limited locations to harvest heat. Windmills are cool if the wind moves them, they take 2 weeks of power to get them turning but make up for it slowly. What I am most excited about is the idea of using offshore platforms to harvest tidal and wave energy. This I think is the future of coastal energy as wave power is pretty constant and has massive energy outputs. Its all in how we harvest energy, clean coal goes a long way and actually doesn’t have a ton of emissions after scrubbing, yet free energy (no such thing) off of the gravity of the moon, it seems like the way to go.

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