Costly Subsidies, Infrastructure Bills, Review of Civil Planning, Why Logistical Infrastructure is what We Should be Subsidizing and Naked Shorts in Relation to Loopholes.

Most of the premises about industry within the blog are costly. They mostly pay for themselves in time, though. I need an economist to look into some of these theories like the directional drilling under existing pipeline and sewar systems, and using almost like a go cart system for in-city cars. Fabrication of cars that are grid powered (mostly), would be dramatically cheaper. We scrub the exhaust, the state makes a little off people paying the electricity charging your car as you drive (benefiting schools and state funding), we wouldn’t have to equip large batteries with chemicals that are hard to degrade but smaller ones as they’d only need to make it 10 miles off the grid, it funnels traffic by making it every other downramp and using a feeder system with existing roads. We could just equip these cheap cars with very little hardware for self driving, equipping the tunnels with a free wifi system, soon we can have on board computers run just off of R.A.M and tie into a quantum computing network. In addition, adding geo markers in the tunnels allows a central network to route traffic…imagine no or very few red lights? Think of the G.D.P lost everyday by people stuck in traffic. Think of all the chemicals in the air caused by idling in traffic. It would take several engineering solutions and the down-ramps would have to go pretty far down as would a hyperrail (we would have to figure the lowest point we can go to make the track relatively as straight as possible).. Directional drilling might not be practical for city to city at first, I’d rather see a hyper rail. One for people, (during the day which runs slower (to not harm anyone potentially with heart conditions) and one at night that runs from L.A. to New York in a matter of a couple hours at most). Elon Musk, I believe is correct in his premise of a Mag lifted train in a vacuum, I am just modifying the notion to use compression and suction with an array of compressors and run it underground with directional drilling. It would have to go through a whole lot of heavy rock though.. but it would allow cities like L.A. to not terribly deplete the ground water tables of places like Colorado. By growing into these more arid climates their markets will be the only ones growing things adaptable to their environment, if everyone could get on board that is? I’d like an Avocado that hasn’t lost most of its nutrients from California.. I’m sure they would, like the fact we can grow more than enough staple foods to support current industries through exportation (well at least with collaboration and market correction). This could also provide arid climates organic food that is nutritious since most nutrients are lost in the first 2 to 3 days of transit. The only issue is making sure that the compression units have redundant engines that are routinely checked. We don’t want speed to slow ever, it has to be a constant rate for all trains scheduled to leave. The major question is the terminals. Unless we go crazy we are only building one of each direction with a central hub. We need to think if stops are needed they should be the last of the day before turned over to shipping, ideally no stops on some and maybe terminals at halfway points. We may also need to calculate a very gradual gradient at terminals and use opposing magnet walls to slow the train to lock in place, this means both front and back need to be able to withstand pressure and be able to withstand the windshear. So a lot of engineering and pretty close weight allotment per car. We do this by adding weight to lighter loads, just simple iron bricks crane lifted. The other major issue is reviewing all the area maps to be able to draw a straight line at some depth between the coasts (this means that we’d have to avoid areas with reservoirs ect. unless we plan to go under those as well?). We will probably end up finding new energy reserves doing this is an added bonus. Even if we hit an oil pocket we can still cap, readjust and drill THROUGH the oil to complete a vacuum at the other side. The same principle as previously indicated would work with reservoirs although we should avoid these like the plague. We might be able to (instead of using weights heavier trains have an engine and tail claw like Canopy that folds into an aerodynamic bulkhead to help regulate the speed). The track itself would need to run at the same depth and be straight… although if we have to bend the track over the course of miles or less we make it a shell within a shell.. that means the inside compartment is weighted to keep everyone relatively steady as the outer cabin spins and bends with the tube.. These could theoretically come out to allow more surface tension to the flow but we’d probably need a third or 4th slowing and stopping mechanism. Something like a gradual reversal of polarity as you arrive in a terminal location. Its all possible, I believe with the technology we have today, we just need to find out how much this could benefit industry as well as the health of people. Airplanes will still be used like crazy so will ground trucking its four lines only with maybe 4 hubs and 4 terminals. If anything we’d save on shipping and need MORE TRUCKS because we would be buying and selling things in a much more rapid process, this provides more independence from other nations as well as industry could be more easily accessible within the states. It sounds weird but the central hub somewhere in Northern Oklahoma or around the region would be amazing for any potential threats, as a lot of agriculture comes from this region. We would probably need over run room as well for emergencies where we calculate the rate of increase to where it essentially gets blown up a wall in the event of a total brake failure as well as probably use reverse polarity both to stop in chamber then both bulkheads shut for de-pressurization. The beauty of a directionally drilled out hyper rail system is we just need to figure out a standard shipping size for diameter and bay length. It doesn’t matter if your cars are connected or not it doesn’t necessarily even need an engine (not sure about this whether itd be enough energy to float the cargo without an on board generator or it would be smarter to have an actual breaking system as cargo can be pushed and pulled by a track below and if we need it one above) the vacuum compression of gas could move it on magnets possibly even faster and adjust the magnets near terminals to change the angles of polarity. They You could even use an emergency battery system to kick on reversed polarity breaks remotely in an emergency. A person would just pay by weight thats it… and we treat them as individual cargo containers. I even see the bulkheads having a rotational system like a revolver pistol. It lifts one up as the trap closes and at the top is offloaded to another with a few offloaders/cranes. We could handle a lot of things much faster. I suggest everyone watch this interview (I know its FOX news but they were the only ones that would have him on for the last 15 years so just try to get through it, its not conservative or democratic subject) it is about public health. He has spent most of his life actually trying to fix things and help children and puts himself in danger everyday to try and convey simple facts.. people willing to die to deliver a message should be heard intently. another fascinating topic is the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and all their charitable contributions.. to other charities that operated as a shell and a tax haven.. who spent hundreds of millions of dollars on P.R. (not sure if you heard but he wiped out polio as promised and improved the region..its now almost cost preventative for them to farm. Who would have thought the 2nd richest person in the world who cut out his original business partners and made a foundation when the public realized he had performed 0% philanthropy. He said he was giving away half his money but supposedly his net worth has almost doubled since that statement.. when you give money to yourself its pretty easy to do. So I’m starting a church that believes God doesn’t want us to pay taxes if you donate you can get a generous tax write off and at the end of the year we provide financial assistance (by just giving you back your money). This is how industry unfortunately works and the population needs to exploit loopholes.. its like the financial reform that gamestop and AMC were discovered to have a ton of naked shorts (a market maker besides being able to do microtrades at a rate average traders can’t compete, they whale a market so people invest in competing markets that they already own more of. Market Makers in addition, can sell naked shorts.. or sell more stock than actually exists. A normal person cannot do this so a group of people are heavily investing in these businesses and they will be forced to cover the shorts [AMC still has about 100 million deficit]). The trade commission is now considering making naked shorts illegal because of this.. we need more of this type of thinking, industry always wins.

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