Volunteering gets You a Discount? Paid Employee Structure, Locations and Costs.

We will have to play it by ear.. there should be a set discount you get if you provide x number of hours the previous month. There maybe opportunity to outright give food away in some instances in lower income communities once we can calculate the average work value in terms of reduction of man hours, which could lead to a community organizer position or anywhere we have salaried employees. The overall number of salaried employees would be very low. You may have 10 or so for larger cities and they may coordinate 1 or 2 (possibly 3) markets simultaneously (hence the need to be salaried). So overhead consists of renting spaces, four levels of area, (one being a core team of experts which also is voted against based off performance) lawyers and in some areas cooks (where we have trouble sourcing volunteers with food handling permits). The kitchens also need a core team member to assign kitchen roles and ensure food safety practices. Other paid members hopefully will consist of very few experts and experts decide to give their time pro bono. We will also pay the prison industrial complex in areas we can work out a crop rotation program for small and large existing commercial farms that may see competition. We warn of what we plan to grow and use expansion money to make sure we can adjust them to make at least what they were on their previous tax filing (bank statements should work as well) plus inflation. I anticipate for projects like when we want to make tomato hangers for April planting that one of the churches/temples/mosques/community centers will provide both the kitchens, market venue (parking lot) and lay down space (for projects like tomato hangers when we start making window spice and vegetable garden boxes). As we will donate a portion of market profits to our hosts, we also can’t just choose one location. The idea is you should always have a market twice a week in walking distance and we rotate the venues to be fair. The application or site (while we grow) will let the public know the schedules and locations. If your church would like to participate my email is richard.rule@gardensforgrownups.org, until I can pull together funding to start its important that you all rip it apart.

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