Science Fiction II

We couldn’t do it everywhere but directionally drilling far below highways is starting to sound better all the time mulling it around.. so I am re-listing the premise for review. It might not work everywhere but in densely populated areas it could be a God send. It would take a relocation of some utility pipes but they do that all the time anyways and we bore out UNDER the typical depth of pipelines.

1. Making on ramps “down ramps” provides us a means to scrub combustion engines exhaust.

2. Less animals and human collisions, as well as better vision at night.

3. We can repurpose the above ground highways as livestock trails. If that part of the agricultural industry wants things how they are, ill take them for plants.. 🙂

4. In future state we could manufacture very affordable and cheap vehicles without making the waste from the battery by paying fuel costs as a monthly utility to the state. We equip the cars with small batteries and strong electric drive trains and drive underground (just highways for now but you would need a significantly smaller battery) and power the vehicle through either conductive tires or a conduit on a spring that lines with a charged striking plate.

5. It helps cordone off traffic. One civil planning study I read actually figured out we actually get an improvement of traffic with less roads. We get a longer on ramp by making it a gradient as well and signs are easier to manage as we could make them all digital and change with environment.

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