Feeding Nations

As we turn more easily shipped foods we shift to being aggressively exportable (plenty of food will still be grown on factory farms, but in the future it will mostly be things we aren’t growing in certain areas). If the coins value provides (along with donations as I think it would with proper add campaigns ect.) growth we also start programs in other nations. Nations should adjust to how they need it but ultimately it would be nice to run off several coins, all the same rate but with location identiers (only where and when you purchased the coin). All rates are adjustable if we move things around. Future state I can see trade being efficiently adjusted through a central A.I. if we can agree on tenements and be allowed to change it with votes. Its one system that deals with a lot of currencies and adjusts. So we can plan smarter shipping, get crops their alive and harvest (potentially). With Elon Musks Idea of the hyper rail and directional drilling below the depth of typical pipelines his idea is possible. We could send fresh produce from California to New York in an hour and a half to 2 hours if no people were on board. All of these things are possible, it just takes capital and the will. It really is a national security issue when you can potentially be exposed to supply chain issues. We aren’t trying to run anyone out of any business, we are trying to create a backbone for crisis. We are trying to serve our elders. We are trying to get subsidies a little more under control when it comes to public health. We want to educate the use on self sufficiency. We as a Nation should always be ready to have to form militias.. if a war did break out they aren’t probably going to use nukes…it defeats the purpose of war. They will use E.M.Ps and hyper rockets though and everyone except items shielded will be completely useless and theoretically firearms would be our last line of defense. I don’t think we are in imminent danger of this happening but nows the time for planning the future. It most likely will happen again at some point way way down the line..I 🙏

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