A Very Mindful Path

The reason I related the previous story on the accidental drop was to illustrate why we need to be careful with this premise I am trying to put forward. It has the opportunity to hurt as much as help, if its not completely visable. A core team if we can get people excited on the premise would just create a framework, if people feel something needs changing we’ll try to change it. Each region we would need experts in certain things. In creating a standard garden design by area and coordinating with other areas on what everyone is growing (hopefully this is eventually taken over by algorithms, and soil analysis then correlated with potential growth metrics/area + interest). This let’s us allocate farmers crops as well so we are as non-compete as possible. Try to visualize a big circle made up by smaller and smaller circles, in which crops change seasonally between the farmers (and the communities rotate as well, not just with local gardens but regional as well). It sounds more complicated than it is, maybe I need to make a PowerPoint? The main issue with my theory of the vertical integration of agriculture powered by crypto futures (the buy and sell amount has to be limited, of the coin/N.F.T) it has to be completely transparent as well as if we were to someday use computer learning married through quantum computing to run perfect need simulations and the system learns to juggle the rotation of crops and recipes.

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