The Program Participant.. (Community Diet and Meat & The Truly Disabled).

The recipes will all pretty much be vegetarian and served first and hopefully people we are serving will adjust to excellent vegetarian dishes, but we get donations of aged beef or steaks about to turn (most people don’t realize in a grocery store you want the grey steak, the enzymes make the meat softer and more palatable). If not and the coin market is also providing we should look at purchasing agreements as well as first. The optimal human diet for people who eat a specific amount of meat would be around once to twice a week. You can argue paleo diets but vegetarians live a longer average (I am trying to remember exact figure, but I believe 4 years, although this isn’t necessarily the only cause as vegetarians are also more likely to excercise). Its theorized that at one time our appendix was for digestion of bark from tree’s, it was an evolutionary trait that really kind of was a bad thing to loose.. our teeth are already changing into more carnivorous formations and we should consider a healthy retrograde. For thousands of years our ancestors both hunted AND gathered, and only ate meat when they could find it. Its just a hypothesis but its typically best to not radically change a diet of a species faster than it can adapt.. and thats whats happening. People crave meat because of the “rare fats and enzymes” that we were driven to locate as gathering at that time would make it hard to find other sources… So in long short, I’d like to provide a couple of dishes with kosher halal meats if we can… this can only be for the severly handicapped, we encourage people using the cards but cooking for themselves. Its a good activity for those that can stand and I find it meditative…also good for cognition and you get to throw your own twists in or just make whatever you want. We ask just if you are donating space the inside marker let’s you know what would be your donation. We ask if you want to give someone some food out of your 150% then thats fine or if we didn’t have a lot of spoilage in growth you can donate it back. We stage the growth season and jar as we cook so churches temples and centers with kitchens that can house us are needed and we should definitely be able to donate a percentage of proceeds to those that house us.

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