Any Nation.

Really, I’d work on this in any Nation. If I have to adjust political rhetoric then so be it. Its a good idea anywhere as long as there is infrastructure to run the crypto and Fiat cash for the market. The organization doesn’t necessarily have borders just regions in theory. Adjustable to the fiat currency of area. The Wallet and the volunteer coordination app just assists with making it as easy as possible and close to whomevers garden you water. You probably can classify for a garden market discount. Using the coin over fiat it maybe something like an 8% discount or more but its an outward growth project. Not everything will be perfect, its not meant to stay static. Its not quite right for everywhere but most and industry is highly adaptable. If it could ever be connected as international trade as well then country coordinators are going to have to do a lot of market analysis for trade balance and the coins should have a regional indicator. The same principles I believe I am trying to show throughout this crazy blog is this could be practiced almost anywhere. Stabilizing regions and putting them to work (with decent education) and essentially population will slow (in theory). We would need identifiers on the coin name to know nationally who is cooperating and for market adjustment.

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