The Need for Cooks.

At a certain point elderly people enrolled in the program may not be able to cook for themselves. I’m considering two possibilities one being a volunteer or coordinator cooks meals at their house bi weekly… but I am thinking it will be a collect and cook method. Garden tenders do not have to harvest, their should be an individual role as harvester. The harvester by coordinating the excess amounts we harvest bi weekly and possibly even have some gardens growing more of one thing than needed (just for those that need cooking services) in this way we can actually generate harvest routes based off of daily recipe cards. The harvester would weigh and take the appropriate amount to a local kitchen (when we have the money to rent them or cooperate with local churches and foodbanks with proper cooking facilities). At this time we probably should consider having the food blessed so that people of certain religious faiths can partake in the program. These kitchens need to have food permitted people that love to cook and want to help people. The meals would be made for the next two days and we either get a waterer to pick these up or meet the cooks at a central location. At first it’s probably easier just to have gardeners that so happen to also have food permits willing to spend more time with less gardens, and assign them to the most critical cases. Ordinarily I imagine the Gardner could follow the diet card and collect and clean for them and to give the elderly recipient the recipe cards for the next two days..We would just make sure they are safe to cook and take into account their physical and mental health. I personally think it may be easier to rent church/temple/mosques/community centers. I also like that we can have good quality control to make sure the food actually tastes home-cooked and that its healthy. We’d have to also make low starch and special diet meals. Its a small percentage of cost as long as its powered through volunteers and people do not abuse the meal portion. It will most likely be a blending of the two, depending on the community..but its essential to the programs success.

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