I’m not a Rancher.

I don’t plan on revolutionizing the cattle industry. I do think by creating a roam path along highways to start ranchers won’t have to hunt them. By community we set them to roam in waves and could theoretically time the initial release that enables a community that is participating reoccurring “capture waves”. We use built in blockers where by tag they just get diverted to the ranchers truck while still allowing the majority to pass on. Hopefully we can engineer pretty large “cattle loops”. Sounds pretty nice for ranchers, wake up at noon and just pick them up at a hold location. Then they can just grow whatever they like on the land they own, hopefully exportable. The diaphramic drainage may only incur 10ft of purchased domain every 20 or so miles. We’d have to have local authorities or possibly the game commission also monitor the segregated herds as they roam and to ensure no cattle rustling. We can probably even do this for dairy farmers, its just a massive project. Like all massive projects one bite at a time. Id need experts to help decide the optimal loop size and herd density to segregate against disease. As previously stated manure farmers should be allocated the same way. It won’t replace all cattle ranches but we’d get healthier meat, less hormones and antibiotics (for those of you that eat it). Less antibiotics theoretically will help slow the resistance of infections to antibiotics. We can do it with pigs, goats and everything else depending on the infrastructure invested. All of you politicians think of those juicy juicy construction contracts and how many jobs an actual worthwhile infrastructure bill would be? This idea is something that all political parties can endorse, its more humane for the animals and we can adjust land allotment for increasing the G.D.P. We slowly lower corn subsidies and help farmers market fix to new crops. That allows for us to purchase the excess corn destroying the rainforest for human consumption since we aren’t quite going to be in that region for quite sometime (do to some geo-political issues). Corn is a low nutrient food that’s easier to export so of course we will still grow it but the corn market will become flooded if not properly maintained. Also allowing for natural wandering I theorize we lower green house gas emissions by them moving and not being centralized, it helps the atmosphere to disperse and deal with it. I hope to see so many gardens and the carbon tax credit adjusted to melons and other fruit trees as being required but properly weighted against the cost. I keep saying this but at this rate we will have water wars over land and air wars until technology, or we keep up.

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