Big Bad Wolf II. The Wolf and the Fool.

After the tribes got sick, they no longer farmed the land. They sat around the camp fires listening to the traveling story tellers. The story tellers all professed wild and tall tails. They spoke that the plight wasn’t from the Wolf and the Cheiftains but the villagers themselves, and that they should pray and repent to the wolf for mercy. This brought the Wolf Subsy great joy and prosperity to the chieftains. As winter came more and more were sickened.

Way out on the hills of the great village was a hermit and a fool. He lived in the village at one point and was the worst of them. Until one day the fool too started loosing his teeth from the magic candy. Being a fool he asked many questions and recieved no responses.. The villagers were so annoyed they pushed him from the village, so he left his hut and all of his possessions and retreated to the hills. He found a cave and lived there a time, very sad and alone. He struggled not to be sick but craved the companionship of his fellow man. It reached a point he was to eat from a fabled berry bush which would make him sleep forever. He didn’t understand why the village became how it did and he figured he could sleep through the whole thing.

Then one day as he was absolute in eating the sleeping berry, he exited his cave. There he saw a white dove in a fig tree. The dove spoke “why, do you look so sick, and sad?”. The fool replies, “I am sick, and my village hates me..I just want to sleep forever”. The dove then says “eat of these figs the sun and water and Earth has gifted us”. The fool thought that there wasn’t harm in trying so he did. He felt a little better actually mysteriously and the dove flew off. The fool sat under the fig tree for 3 days eating the figs until he felt better. The fool thought this was miraculous.. Went back to his cave and continued to live, yet the absence of his tribe still broke his heart. He still wanted to sleep.

He went back to the sleeping bush and above pear tree he saw the dove again. The dove asks “why do you still look so sad?” The man explained his loneliness. So the dove said “I see your village from here…It has the great beast wolf Subsi blowing his poisoned breath across the planes “take one of the pear pits, and ask them to bury it and it will grow in three days if only they shed some of the wolf’s invisible coins” The dove continued “In three days they will also be healed and their children even more”. The dove continued “tell them to stop eating all the candy and pick the oldest and truest magic candy.. tell them the candy makers apprerentice will make one that will heal and not hurt”. The fool hearing this was excited. He immediately left for the village.

Once arriving he spoke to the people, and explained how to save themselves or try. The wolf was angered by this and whispered to the chieftains and the story tellers. The wolf got them all to lie to the villagers by the promise of more invisible coins and prosperity. In turn the villagers turn on the fool and begin throwing rocks and hurting the fool badly, they gave him the fruit to sleep forever..yet the children heard the story and listened to the fools words. Whether the fool saved the ones he loved he may never wake to know… but before going to sleep he had a dream the children planted it and all were well. He continues that sweet dream forever..

Note: this is a pick your own adventure, what do you think should happen?

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