A Little Story about the Big Bad Wolf.

Their once was a wolf who’s name was Subsi. He once upon a time gave magic invisible money to a candy man. The candy was magic and could help and heal people. Yet the candy man himself could rarely afford his own merchandise, even though it costed little. So the wolf gave him more of the invisible money and the candy man developed a sweet tooth. The candy man eventually becomes displeased and realizes he just wants more. So the candy man invents a new candy, one that people can’t get enough of, and then passes his invisible coins to the medicine men and chieftains and threw magnificent balls, they all had a great time. The candy man told them “do not worry this won’t rot your teeth or cause you to want too much more because I put a magic coating on it”. People wanted the candy so so bad that the tribes began warring over sugar canes and ingredients.. the greatest tribe took over one of the weakest with the most sugar.. Thirty years pass and everyone seems to have had their teeth rotten out, which makes the chieftains “mad” so they demand back their invisible coins because the loss of teeth out weighed the magic benefits. “Well said the candy man, if no one buys my candy who will feed me?”. So the main chieftains thought hard… they no longer needed the sugar as much so they left the weak tribe straight away, leaving behind their teeth.

Then the Big Bad Wolf Subsi, was angry.. So he ate his own invisible magic coins and huffed and puffed and blew a cold wind over all the tribes. Many got sick.. So the chieftains said “well who can cure this?”. They decided that the candy man with the magic candy, might be able to help. So toothless from the first meeting with the candy man they struggled to talk but gave him back all the invisible coins for a new magic candy.. “The candy man said but be sure to swallow it and not suck on it, or it will have dire effects”. The chieftains thought “no one will buy a candy that isn’t sweet and you can’t enjoy”. So the chieftains told the villagers, to savor and enjoy the candy. Then the villagers became sicker than even before.. Happily ever after?

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