Personal View Only.

When I speak of African Americans being able to run faster due to environmental adaptation, I am trying to illustrate that our differences should be celebrated. We all really are all technically African American, if you view it scientifically. The other races simply had a lot more detours getting here that changed us. We are all brothers and sisters and the middle spectrum community. I say such things because I do not like the divide. I don’t like categorizing a person based off their race or self identification. As in nature (animals) we have males and females with a rare mutation of hermaphradites. Sexuality in the animal kingdom is normative and homosexual. We are all on the spectrum, we all have gifts. None of these except for one matter to society or prosperity, only being kind or humane. You may define yourself however you wish, its our freedom. Have spectral or non normative pride is good but really not important. What is important is possible suicide rates, but what causes those? The media. You can put babies in a room of every race and they all play with each other, racism is learned. Racism and homophobia isn’t an intelligent position in my opinion.. However people have cultural differences as well as environmental differences, which can cause stereotypes. Stereotypes can be bad or good and do not apply to everyone of a race, as well as can be false and true. So can we move on for what seems to distract from real issues?

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