Racial Theory… Sure why not?

We hypothetically all started in the cradle of Africa. Its theorized as the original Eden. White people are white from migration and wearing coats, and having live indoors/caves. We adapted to reflective snow, and had to think practically over resources just to survive (I think this may have caused a more mine not yours mindset possibly through the anglosaxxons that we still see). The African American community comes from an area closer to the equator which is a bit more dangerous so they can run faster sometimes as a generality (I mean in athletic competitions winners of marathons are typically of African decent), via evolutionary traits creation puts upon us to survive. Not everyone from a particular group prescribes to stereotypes, and stereotypes are both positive and negative connotations. As long as the notions aren’t prescribed to individuals they are simply observations. Its similar to astrology in the fact that seasons affect gestation as does mothers resources affect the metabolism of the baby after birth. Our differences are what make us strong. Genetic diversity is a good thing as is mingling gene pools of tribes. You’re all my brothers and sisters, I’ll feed your elderly regardless of race. Would you feed mine, should I die?

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