Medicine..Oh yeah I am Slightly Handicapped..

Going easy here.. recently went to the hospital (I’m currently on state Healthcare as a relationship recently ended up on decided to move our separate ways). I had not been well. I had a spinal discotomy that lost my last industry job. I didn’t want to get back onto opiates at the time but found myself drinking more and more after an additional accident. I couldn’t walk for a good while, then a cane now, I’m trying to find something that doesn’t physically require me to bend too much, stand too much or sit too much. Realizing, I needed help I went to a hospital that typically houses a mental health ward, got dropped off. Here was their procedure. No blood work, no I.V. which I was told “doesn’t help to stabilize” and left in a bed that could have been used for other patients. Meanwhile the guy across from me with the same issue got all of these things… previously pre pandemic they would transfer you. As a test I told them I “wanted to hang myself”. Procedure actually dictates that they “Order of Detention” me. Yet they let me just set me to the street with a sheet of two other people to call. Tax money hard at work. There’s so many people currently trying to die from the epidemic (out weighs significantly in the mortality rate in teens than the “Big C. V 14”, that there’s no space.

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