In Regards, to the Previous Post…

So in turn, thank you taxpayers to help enable me to try to do something good with my life. I appreciate that you spent $2,000 on essentially a turkey sandwich, two pills and no real diagnostic care. Seem wildly practical right? Its why there’s a division of those who commit crimes and those who are riddled with mental illness. If you see a homeless person begging, hand them a granola bar. If you see them talking to themselves minding their own business, we should be able to O.O.D them. Schizophrenia is one of the most treatable, if not the most treatable mental illnesses there are. If they take the medication for more than 2 weeks they can become fully functional members within society. The pills they take are all off patent, so I am asking what’s happening? You can drive yourself to that point I suppose from drug use, typically no. These were normal folks who fell off of their medications, we allow to die on the streets.

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