More Non-Binary Rhetoric? and a Clarification on Stereotypes.

Yes, but I am using the community to prove a point. Who actually is driving this? The media. Listen to Tim Dillon on the subject as a gay man who accidentally helped caused the housing crisis and is now my commentators. He actually is exceptionally intelligent in my opinion as is the Dark Horse Podcast with Bret Weinstein. This isn’t meant to offend or divide. I am trying to illustrate how industrialized media drives a wedge between us. In generality there are mild differences in a larger population (not everyone of said population) that is caused by environmental factors. We are all infact African Americans just some of us wandered off from the cradle and learned to live differently (these permutate to this day), yet we are all just people with minor differences. We all want the same things. To have our basic needs taken care of, to love and to be loved. We wish to feel protected, and want to fundamentally just loose the racism. A person simply is judged by their deeds, its the craziest thing that it still exists. Diversity builds strength and that is also true with genes. Again its just earworms that propetuate this whether parents or media but we have serious issues to worry about as a “SPECIES” and I’d love everyone to be able to come together and stop self dividing themselves from their neighbor. We are all essentially organs of the same body. We can notice differences as long as its positive, its the human condition to compare. What we don’t do is assume any individual actually prescribes to how we may think. Each person is there own individual self full of hopes, dreams, aspirations and desires. We should view ourselves as fingers of the same hand, thats what makes us beautiful…our differences and similarities.

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