And Here it May Crash.. Just Personal Introspection..

Can we discuss lgbtqia2s+?  When in history has it been good to classify and isolate? I have brothers, sisters and those in-between (I just say spectral or on the spectrum). If you correct me I’ll call you whatever you self identify as but an amount of understanding goes a long way to changing people’s minds.. Everyone’s on the spectrum and I love everyone. I love equally..period. I don’t actually care where you put your stuff. It is just a little part of you, it doesn’t define you, your actions do (at least to me). As an ideology look to the iron triangle, or the Russian, or even probably America. They all actually try to classify us sexually. Usually to a detriment. I was born with a penis, but scientifically speaking could be female…lesbian, take to plus off let’s add 3 more letters to describe my condition and another 3 for the inverse..

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