Its Just an Ideological Question?

When we become unwilling to solve things? I’m not sure, but in my eyes we are a little bloated and lazy. Have you spent any real amount of time with the Elderly? They aren’t exactly grandmas and granpas they are me and you but with a bit of experience. Although be it with a specific generation a little entitled. I mean I don’t actually find them to be softies. The principals of our nation was first faith then devotion to a specific idea. Its an offset ideological ideal, we are renegades. When the monotheistic and tyrannical dictatorship began to bug the people of this land, what did they do? They said **** off we will do it ourselves. Government in nature is capitalistic, sometimes more mafia than should be but I’ll drop that point. Their profit margins are also tied to ours, theory states that agriculture actually out preforms everything. Why? Because we will keep shipping water and food to centers regardless of interprise if shown value. Its a very long winded way of saying, “Your buying what you are selling”.

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