The Mr. Marten Theology.

I’m just coining that based off of personal experience. Within the design industry he was an interesting fellow. He was African American Master Designer, who also happened to be a Reverend. Besides the crazy annocdotes of the 70’s 80’s and 90’s (can’t even get into it lol) he shared one insight I thought was pretty neat. He struggled through racism and all sorts of stuff in the boy club but consider him to be a righteous man that’s word’s should be interpreted. He once worked with a corner office engineer who was a little misguided. This engineer would hang bananas at his door almost everyday, “why?” When asked he stated its to show that any monkey can draft. When this particular mentor heard it he bursts into his office. “Do you see all of those expensive and fancy books behind you?” Something to effect of “what of it?” The mentor replies, “I can use those books as you do, can you work the board?” Why is this an interesting premise? Because he could. The guy could tell you approximate Osha requirements on nearly everything in the field off of memory. In that time period a designer could legally act as an engineer, with the stipulation that they typically only did independent jobs within the company and limited interconnects ect. The industry kind of moved away from this model, as I am not quite sure why? In experience designers tend to be way more inspection into practical application, as we were more susceptible to replacement. I knew at least 3 engineers that really, really badly screwed up a project, which actually caused a lot of capital. In experience what do drafters do, well take a little less pressure but try to ensure the engineer is successful. Its also a natural give in take that is shown in industry.

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