Industry Progression

I actually am not sure if I can directly reference the site or not being out of the industry. I can say I have reviewed plans of an offshore platform somewhere in the range of 50 and 100 miles in the gulf. I assume it was constructed as early as the late 40’s early 50’s by the look of the prints (sorry I don’t recall the specific Title Block information, nore maybe should disclose it) but this was a triple decker 3 platform, behemoth. Its essentially a floating city built out of industry. When drilling the use the same branches of knowledge as space travel, just geological. Although I worked mostly in transmission then midstream, none of these things were actually independent. In processing and separation they derive several useful chemicals in the process then use a variety of transmission methods, which leads me to this.. The 436 protocol. It was industry making a point that lines didn’t necessarily have to transport only their own commodities then trade but directly partner with other industries for transmission. Good idea or bad, heck time will tell but probably a little of both.

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