Gas Mass, and Pigging…Well a little on Elon.

Does anyone know what a pig is? A pig is an industry term used for originally a scrubbing tool then both scubbing and analyzing the lines of pipe that may have breakdowns. Why do they call them pigs? Because when launched from a launcher they reach such a high velocity they scwill. My hypothesis has always been Elon is correct, the idea of a space elevator needs a bit of working out. Heated rings and special coating? Have no idea. Is it dangerous? Heck yes. Potentially the most dangerous project if we don’t properly understand the load or non resided areas. An extremely large area of most likely uninhibited lands will be needed. The potential is extremely risky and we may loose one, but the 2nd will be fully functional based off the first. Its an extremely complex notion but people beginning to pick it apart is a good thing. Like do we need to match the diameter to geological plains. How can we configure computer learning to understand and function according to outside analysis? Do we still need staged transmission or can an electrical current mostly work with some deep ground pumps/engines? I’m thinking we can blast the thing to stand still. Drones and complicated extraterrestrial stuff is way, way out of my league but I see it.

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