Engineering Vs. Design

It’s an important counterbalance and an understanding and growth of each is essential. You can have one great engineer leading an army of crappy Drafters, or you can prop up a crappy engineer with a set of excellent designers. Both of the previous methods, theoretically work. Where it brakes down is when you have an Engineer or hotshot that breaks the spirits of their collaborators. Almost intrinsically in the industry one must note nicer engineers succeed at a way way higher volume. When you treat a workforce like a family they tend to go the extra mile. As I was lucky in the early days, I remember working 60+ hours going in on weekends, dropping off prints whatever. Why? Because I valued the comrodery, and didn’t want to jeopardize the projects of my firm of the time. If they treated me like dirt I doubt I would have worked that hard but just focused on drawing.

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