Why Einstein, was a Cool Cat.

Well besides having around 150 I.Q. and inventing nearly half of all known scientific branches… He was humble. He rode a bike to a laboratory everyday, married a homely woman and constantly made fun of or diciculed himself. At least 2 instances he retacted ideals later to be proven right. Please correct if this isn’t right but one was the theorem of dark matter/dark static the other was actually relatively. Scientists of the age made him question his ideology, other scientists ended up proving him correct. How? Well for relativity they went pretty close to the equator to view a solar elcpipse. Why did that prove him right? Because it was observed that light actually bent around the Sun to wear viewer could actually see stars behind it. He was also introspective, as giving the fuel to the atomic bomb. As stated he was worried over the potential, wrote the president and wished he’d burned the pen. He became deflated as one of his most famous quotations “There are 2 things in the universe that are limitless, one is space the other is the ignorance of human kind”.


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