Masculinity Robbed?

Is it true that testosterone is down 80% from the last century? Is it do to plastic contamination like the floating mass larger than Texas? Who does this? Well mostly other nations not empowered and looking to cut costs and corners. Regardless of who 💩 it it still needs cleaning. Well hell I don’t like the sound of the impact of plastics, maybe I’ll just buy canned? Try again, all canned goods have a thin layer of plastic. Do we make microbes that eat the stuff? My opinion is no, that seems to be a terrible idea. If we isolate and do batch conversion through a level 3 lab or higher, ok. The microbes have a high likelihood of adapting to feed on petroleum. It also will cause a degradation of plastic over time if exposed in the ocean, the effects I don’t forsee being a benefit. Its better to use the same technology that dumps it, just put forward and backwards propulsion jets, design it like a pickup with an open bed and a raised drained netting into a compactor. Bring it on land and safely reduce it. Its not cool…

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