Radical Thinking III

Ad always these are personal itnterprations not meant to represent, the ideal but to help guide discussion into the subject. It all breaks down without the will. By creating a sub self sufficient market hand in hand with local industry we not only can provide healthier food but additional growth. Correct if wrong but a specific documentary noted that the actual cost for one pound of hamburger is close to 20$ thats subsidized via hour money. During the onset of the opidemic some churches closed who stayed open? I won’t name names but the tried to get T.A.F.T funding with unhealthy hot food to “support the need”. Thanks, being overweight or having diabetes is one of the leading causes of both mortality from pandemics but also just generally a drag. Its sad, painful and these people should also be empowered. When you can get a double quarter Pinder for the cost of half a days vegetables, something is seriously wrong. The market will adapt, people love trash food. Its a fact, our backbone however should be entirely different. My radical thinking includes allowing cows and buffalo’s to roam again, cut cost on mowing and displays the carbon foot print. We build grassed over passes for cattle to room like days old and eventually offer liscences. Way cheaper without inflation to buy from.a local hunter who transitions industries. Really though, why is it a bad idea? Industry will and can adjust and be more aggressive in exporting to compensate. Let the cost of food be reflected in the price, we have thousands of years of adaptation to these diets, meats great but in minimal amounts. Look at the structure of your teeth, how recent would you guess your canines became pointed and the ones next to (sorry pre molars? What the heck are those called?) My theory is rapid adaptation happened from fire and the need to adapt to a colder climate. Not meat, its a bi product of the smarter ones following, trapping and eating a protein source when nothing could grow. All of modern advancement is thanks to what? Agriculture, and from my understanding only one other society has almost succeeded in this ideal. Why not? I’m pretty darn sure if you cook for an elder you eat for free, its dependent but people resonate to good will. You learn something and leave behind something to help the future. Its not rocket science its so basic it hurts. I know industry will hate it, but I’m not anti industry. I’m for empowering industry and the workforce and adjusting to improve the lives of everyone. Capitalist, Socialist call me what you will. I’m libertarian at heart, I believe in points from both sides. I think the use of a capitalistic model to empower the population is a democratic ideal. We’d probably still rely on outside funding initially but as markets are turned over, that’s your communities as well as your money. We ask to expand at turnover you donate what you can out of gratuity. Can anyone find flaws of logic, without clear metricsm

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