Money, what money?

The fiat currency you hold in your wallet has almost the same value as say bitcoin. Its the faith of the people towards the institution that empowers it, which causes value. Once opon a time we had blue notes (I had one although essentially illegal).they were identical to modern currency but blue and redeemable for 1 silver dollar. It was a set fiat based off of supply and demand and thats essentially how I view stocks or this project.. I don’t know when investors shifted but analysis by strictly demand or estimated worth isn’t practical, in my opinion. Sure people can profit but where’s the benefit. Not yo to get into jargon but itsbwhy I’ve always been an etherium proponent. Its under utilized though yet the worth is up something like 4000% over 5 or so years. Why? Because it at least has functional potential. In hard times past you could melt fiat and come out even (you still can with pennies but don’t). I envision these markets taken back into the hands of upstanding community leadee, salary caps tied to inflation and us getting this done. Not just for us but to help support our elders and bear the fruit of their struggles.

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