Radical Thinking

There’s several ways to readjust the structure of food nutrition, and also the ability to resist foreign threat. I say foreign, but I’d love to build gardens everywhere there aren’t deserts world-wide personally, but its your vote. I would love to see a charity coin crypto, and heck if we get enough force, we should make one. One that utilizes smart contracts, that give coin holders contract votes. I would love to offer something like that, as I belive in transparency. Its my role to inspire and try to coordinate at every level, capture metrics, then adjust rates to be fare, non-obtrusive to industry and hopefully can significantly reduce the future price per person cost on nutrition. I’ll get in trouble for saying this but money does not come from nothingness. It comes from faith. Faith in bitcoin, gold, that cotton in your pocket… Its all belief in something you think has a good chance of looking out for your interests. Is that American thinking? Is it communistic to be self sustaining and aggressive in our pursuits of utilizing our agricultural powers? Why do processors need to be made entirely in Asia? Can’t we stabilize and feed regions of Africa, with subsidized food and training? The resources are there, and not all regions are accessible. It is a futures market, supporting personal freedom and liberty. That is what I would like, but its yours. This is mostly a social experiment that I believe can provide standardized processes. The foundation should have a terminal clause to where we eventually only maintain existing needs (once we reach a yet unkown metric), the market goes to the people. I’m postulating, but I know capital can be saved, lives enriched and I hope a community unity. I want you to decide.


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