Growing and Knowing


Please bear with me, I’m not a “blogger”. I figured you should know about me in a personal light.

I had a bit of a rough upbringing in regards but consider myself blessed. I did attend some pretty rough public schools early on and several tragedies, but am greatful for the hardships.. life would be very boring without them.

I basically, am coming out of the energy sector. I worked various roles typically consulting as a 3rd party. My focus was to maintain safety, compliance and shifted towards being a data systems and engineering compliance S.M.E.

I worked in the industry close to 10 years, but felt that viewing only quarterly margins wasn’t proficient to the investors and safety seemed to become a little too relaxed for my taste, so I do not think I will be going back. I’ve always had the desire for service and am really hoping to get this project off the ground. I hope to only make what I’m worth. As in starting at $14 an hour and adjusting based off of growth to a median income. Previously, I made too much money for my age and experience. I most recently left the last position due to a spinal discotomy that took more than 2 weeks to heal so they let me go as a contractor. It was then I pretty much decided to not go back and to try to improve the lives of others, Creator willing.

I am a designer by trade and understand layout, design, and competive quoting. Its something I feel strongly about people needing and am pretty much prepared to crawl to your door to plant things. Anyhow, that’s my short story and I’m sticking to it.

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